Cutting-edge security features that work better than live agents

Speed up your entire retail energy enrollment system and greatly improve the accuracy of the applications by eliminating data re-entry and lost papers. Multiple need-specific software checks validate the data during the enrollment process.

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IVR Features

Instant Callback

Immediate outbound call to customer upon enrollment submission. No more agent calling into TPV provider and awkwardly waiting on hold in the customer’s doorway.

AI Voice Recognition

Artificial Intelligence interprets Yes/No and open-ended responses from customers to professionally-recorded questions.

Dynamic Verification Questions

Question set asked dynamically determined based on enrollment parameters.

Impeccable Compliance

Unlike live agents, IVR never mispronounces words or misreads legally-required language that can jeopardize you with PUCs.

Biometric Voice Recognition

Cutting-edge voice biometric technology guards against coaching or even agents themselves doing the TPV.

Call Time Reduction

Customers can enjoy a smoother customer experience and TPV call time can be completed 3 minutes faster than a live agent.

SMS Web TPV Features

Texted Browser Links

Validate through the customer’s smartphone browser with a series of Yes/No verification questions. No need to interact with a live agent or listen to an automated recording.

Identity Verification

Over a dozen security features ensure link only opened on the intended customer’s phone, including device fingerprinting and wireless carrier customer validation checks

Timestamped Papertrail

TPV Receipt PDF generated with questions & timestamped responses


You’ll have real-time access and complete control over the process and conversation with our secure, built-in verification.

Location-dependent Timing

For D2D, TPV can be deferred until agent’s GPS position has moved sufficiently away from the customer.



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