TLP Turf

Carve the map up into territories

By assigning agents to specific geographic territories and calling out targeted houses to hit, you can allow agents to focus on closing potentially high-value customers without stepping on each other.

For Agents

Timed GPS Reports

Each tablet reports back to TLP’s secure servers based on a specified time interval (determined by the client)

Multiple User Views

Between Live, Machine and Representative view, you can monitor your tablet locations.

Map View with Walk-score

See all assigned leads on map view and walk-optimized list color coded by customer score (likeliness to close, potential value to supplier, etc.)

Actionable House Labeling

Record each interaction with a house with actionable dispositions such as Not Home, Come Back Later, Not Interested, etc.

For Managers

Real-Time Agent Monitoring

See up to the minute results of where every tablet is located and a “breadcrumb” trail of every field agent’s sales territory activity.

Lockdown Software

Tablets are completely locked down so they function as a single purpose device – taking energy enrollments

Carve Territories

Carve territories strategically among sales agents. Divide leads by walking distance or neighborhoods with high-value leads assigned to more experienced agents.

Strategic Mapping

Track campaign progress in real-time and move agents accordingly to more promising geographic areas



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